Monday, November 12, 2007

What is it about Thongs?

thongs, g-stringNo, not the slippers, silly! I mean thongs as the underwear, also called the g-string.

I can't really imagine myself wearing something that can cause urinary tract infection (see UTI). I don't think it can even be called underwear. It's too small to be considered one, in my opinion, and it's in between a person's butt cheeks!! But despite that, it really became popular ever since it came out, and I've been wondering why.

Sure, it saves you from those embarrassing panty-marks whenever you'd wear a tight-fitting pair of cotton pants, but wouldn't you feel like you have an everlasting wedgie as long as you have a thong on? It's such a hassle.

Anyway, do you like wearing thongs?

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