Friday, November 23, 2007

The magnetic snap-on bag

miche bag
miche bag
miche bagSo has anyone heard about the Miche Bag collection? I've just read about this now so this is my first time knowing that a bag of this kind exists. What makes the Miche Bag unique is that you only need one "base bag" -- the designs, called shells, are purchased individually. The picture above demonstrates how the Miche Bag works. You take the shell off and replace it with another one. It's that easy.

My take on the Miche Bag: I don't like it. I mean, the designs are pretty and all, but there's only one style for the bag itself that comes in two colors: brown and black. I think it's more of a fad than actual fashion. That's just me, of course.

Anyway, here are some of the cute shells Miche has to offer:

Miche Bag shellsMiche Bag shellsMiche Bag shellsMiche Bag shellsMiche Bag shellsMiche Bag shells

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