Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Crocs - Comfort VS. Fashion

crocsI don't know what it is about Crocs but a lot of people like it. Crocs has gained a big following in countries where it is available. They've come up with different styles, all of which still have the same material as the original ones - plastic.

Crocs was originally intended to be a boating shoe since it isn't slippery and with all the holes everywhere, water can go out as fast as it went in. These days, however, Crocs have become more than just a practical footwear - it's become more of a fad for older and younger people. Heck, even babies wear Crocs!

I also noticed that there's so many Crocs stores popping up here and there. Major retail stores, beach stores and other high-end boutiques also sell them. And man are they ever so expensive! Not really something you'd care to buy if they were still boating-shoes. But alas! This is the price of fashion.

Fashion? Crocs has been disowned by the fashion world, describing it as a "fashion disaster". I myself don't see anything spectacular about Crocs. I really find it hideous to wear and despite people saying that they're the most comfortable footwear ever, Crocs hurt my feet a lot.

Despite what the fashionistas think, Crocs remain popular and has released several types much different to the one pictured above. There are mary janes, mammoths, flip flops, sandals and alices. I guess some of the styles are okay, like the flip flops and the sandals, but the original ones are just...ugh.

Does anyone like Crocs? Hate them?

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