Friday, November 9, 2007

The ultimate fashion icon...

givenchy Barbie back in the old days. The new Barbie's look is just off, IMO. They shouldn't have re-invented her physical appearance. Bring the old Barbie back!

Anyway, Barbie has been a fashion icon for decades. Not only does she have the most stylish outfits that go from casual to formal, but even major designers make clothes for her! Of course, these "branded" Barbies are sold as Limited Edition ones and are quite pricey. If you don't believe me, the picture of Barbie above is the Givenchy Barbie and yes, it fetches loads of money.

I don't really know how they come up with the designs for Barbie's clothes, but they're all so wonderful. Her clothes include gowns, swimsuits, casual, semi-formal, laid-back, fantasy, international and themed - these are the ones that include Disney, McDonald's, fairy tales and other clothes that deviates from the usual fashion.

I'm wondering how many people collected those limited edition Barbies that look really fashionable (and kept them in mint condition). It would be a great sight -- boxes and boxes of glamorous Barbies lined up in a shelf, sporting intricately designed gowns and costumes.

Did you collect Barbies as a kid? Do you still collect them now?

Well here are some of those "designer Barbies" that I've been talking about.

escada barbieEscada

nolan miller barbieNolan Miller

christian dior barbieChristian Dior

monique lhuillier barbieMonique Lhuillier

burberry barbieBurberry

vera wang barbieVera Wang

versace barbieVersace

kate spade barbieKate Spade

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