Monday, November 19, 2007


ed hardy hoodieSo what is it about hoodies that make people like wearing them?

I, for one, love hoodies. They're quite comfortable to wear. As long as they aren't over-sized, they can be snug and just falls into place. Well, even the over-sized ones are nice to wear but oftentimes, not so nice to look at because they can make you seem bigger than you actually are.

Apart from that, hoodies come in a lot of colorful and creative designs. I especially like Ed Hardy's hoodies. That fusion of Western and Japanese tattoos designed onto clothes are just plain pretty.

They're not only used to be fashionable too! I like wearing hoodies especially when it's raining because it protects me from being wet and cold at the same time. I can look good even when the weather's bleak. I don't see that many people wearing hoodies here where I live though. They still opt to wear jackets and sweatshirts which sometimes makes me wonder if people here are even aware of the term hoodie.

Do you like wearing hoodies?

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