Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Swimwear for Muslim Women

muslim women swimwearWhat you see in the picture above isn't a cross between a 50's swimsuit and a casual dress. This is the new line of swimwear launched especially for Muslim women. It's created by Muslim twins, Rima and Rasha Mezal, and it conveniently covers the whole body.

This line of swimwear is called Mezal (after the twins) and is starting to gain popularity not only in the twins' home in UK, but overseas as well. Oh and the Mezal swimwear isn't exclusive to Muslim women only - the twins claim that a lot of women have to cover their bodies due to religious, cultural and even medical reasons. With this in mind, Mezal comes handy because it allows women to enjoy swimming without the hassles of wearing big shirts, leggings and the like.

You can visit Mezal to check out their other designs.


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