Fashionable appliances

This blog has been all about clothing and fashion, but you can apply fashion to appliances too, especially nowadays. How do you add that extra dash of style to your home?

Colored appliances!

The following are sites that focus mainly on colored appliances. They'll show you how something as mundane as a microwave can turn into a household superstar :)

Blue Microwave - like the title says, it's all about blue microwave ovens.
Red Microwave - Shit this microwave is red you KNOW it's gotta be fucking good
Blue Laptop - OK, laptops aren't exactly "home appliances" but blue + laptop = envy of all. And you know what goes well with fashionable laptops? What else but fashionable laptop bags for women?
Red Vacuum - Cleaning the house is probably the last thing on your mind right now. Or is it? Check out Red Vacuum--it will change your mind.