Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Punk Heart

flaming heart broochThis Flaming Heart brooch by Mark Walsh and Leslie Chin was first seen at the Mullavey's catwalk along with other works by the duo. The brooch is made of poured glass with Swarovski crystals beautifully draped all around it. Oh and it costs a whopping $1,250!!

I would really, really, reeeeeaaaaallllly love to have one of these, even if I'm not a brooch-person. I could probably stick it on my bag or something...but then again, there's always the fear of losing it.

One thing I love about the Flaming Heart brooch is that it's classy yet it doesn't look tacky at all -- well, especially if you're into those Vivien Westwood clothing, right? This would look great in a leather jacket.

Would you buy this?

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