Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fashion Trends for 2008

balenciaga scarves 2007Fortune Magazine gives a forecast as to what the Top 5 fashion trends of 2008 will be. Try to guess and see if you hit one, two or all five predictions!

1. The Scarf
Scarves are the newest must-have accessories, as shown in some of the runway shows of the biggest names, like Hermes, in the fashion industry.

2. Fashion Sneakers
Fashion brands are now moving in to take part of the multi-billion-dollar rubber-shoe industry. We now see brands such as Lacoste creating more and more stylish sneakers for casual wear.

3. See-through Clothes
Sheer fabric-made clothes are the next big thing this coming spring. This style is included in almost every runway show for the next season and they're coming to stores everywhere soon.

4. Industrial Fabrics
Technology managed to sneak its way in to clothes and now, they're going to be one of the hottest trends next year. Anti-microbial and rubberized fabrics are being used to make the newest look of fashion.

5. Tomorrow's Hangouts
New retail shops are adding a bit of a bonus for their customers: lounges, salons and libraries are now part of the stores' layout in the hopes of luring more customers and making them stay longer.

So were you able to get at least one of those right? Do you see yourself getting along with these trends?

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