Thursday, January 24, 2008

To celebrate the 2008 Olypics...

Gucci decided that it wants to have a share at the hype more commonly known as the "Olympics". Well the Olympics really is a much-anticipated event so I can understand the intention of cashing in on this once-every-four-years sportsmanship spectacle.

Anyway, in order to "commemorate" the Beijing Olympics happening this year, Gucci will release a special collection called 8-8-2008 on January 28, 2008 - a few days from now. The items that are part of the collection, with the exception of the watch, will be sold exclusively in Gucci stores in China and Hong Kong only. The 8-8-2008 collection is a limited edition one, so if you're into collecting limited edition designer releases, good luck in getting your hands on these:

Gucci 8-8-2008 Olympics Collection
Gucci 8-8-2008 Olympics Collection
Gucci 8-8-2008 Olympics Collection
Yes, that's a mahjong set. A Gucci mahjong set.


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