Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hats and Caps?

We see a lot of celebrities these days going about their daily lives wearing hats or caps. Different kinds of them too. They go around wearing all sorts of hats that either blend well or clash with the set of clothes they have, but seldom for the latter, of course (since they have to be careful about what they wear).

But whether we do like them or not, hats and caps have been a mainstay in the fashion and showbiz industry. Below are a series of pictures of celebrities with different kinds of hats...

Johnny Depp

hilary duff hatHilary Duff

britney spears hatBritney Spears

cameron diaz hatCameron Diaz

samuel l. jackson hatSamuel L. Jackson

jessica biel hatJessica Biel

steve tyler hatSteve Tyler

So who among these celebrities look best with a hat on?

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